Our organization is engaged in processing and supplying delicious gamut of Foods. Hygienically prepared using pure and natural ingredients, these products are carefully stored and packed under controlled conditions so that these retain all their attributes. Acknowledged for its taste, flavor, aroma, nutritive value and other features, the range undergoes stringent quality checks to assure that it is free from any harmful preservative or chemicals. Competitively priced, our range comprises:






Gulkand has been traditionally used as a cooling tonic to fight indigestion, constipation, acidity, fatigue, lethargy, muscular aches, biliousness, itching, and heat-related conditions. It is good for memory and eyesight as well as a good blood purifier. It is also rich in calcium and has antioxidant properties. It is refreshing and can be used year-round by persons of all constitutions, especially Vata and Pitta.

Indian Ayurvedic doctors, use it combined with other specific herbs for several types of cancer patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapies to counter the ill effects of these therapies. Gulkand is a blood purifier, removes acne, pimples and bad body odor.

  Bael Murabba


We offer superior quality Bael murabba to our client which has several benefits like:
Bael has a high tannin content which makes it an effective cure for dysentery and cholera
Bael Murabba is beneficial in the digestive system and it is also a mild laxative
It cleans and tones up the intestines. Its regular use for two or three months helps evacuate even the old accumulated faecal matter from the bowels
Bel Murabba is perhaps, the most effective food remedy for chronic diarrhea and dysentery where there is no fever
It is also a valuable remedy for chronic dysenteric conditions characterized by alternate diarrhea and constipation


  Amla Murabba (Moravala)


Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is known for its medicinal values since long and it is used in various forms for overall wellness. Many Ayurvedic and herbal preparations use vitamin C packed amla as one of the ingredients. Amla is Panchrasyukta, Saptadhatuvardhak and Tridoshnashak and hence regarded as a rare medicinal fruit.

With increasing awareness about being healthy and shift towards Ayurvedic and herbal medicines, Amla products are being consumed in large quantity.

Kelkar Moravala is fresh whole amla fruit soaked in sugar. A fine blend of taste and health, Kelkar Morawala is a quality product that assures wellness. It has properties that help cure acidity, strengthens immunity, keep body and mind healthy and are crucial for physical and mental development of children.


  Amla Candy


Amla Candy is like any other dry fruit. It lets you enjoy the soft munchy fruit while enriching health. The most liked feature of Amla candy is the sweet & sour taste. As the candy is highly nutritious, it has attracted numerous clients ranging from children to adults and aged.It can be consumed both by caloric concious people & under guidance for diabetic patient.