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Model: Almond Butter
Ex Tax:₹77.14
Model: Cocoa Butter Unrefined
Unrefined cocoa butter is a rich vitamin E moisturizer. It has a dense texture, which provides a protective barrier against the harsh environment, while treating dry skin and hair. It de-stresses the skin and keeps it supple and battles damage...
Ex Tax:₹77.97
Model: Coconut Butter Refined
Refined coconut butter is extracted by pureeing coconut pulp and oil. It contains saturated fat, protein, magnesium, and potassium. This butter is used in shaving creams, lip balms, makeup remover, skin moisturizers, foot & body scrub, and bath and massage oil...
Ex Tax:₹40.00
Model: Kokum Unrefined
Unrefined kokum butter is extracted from kokum seeds. The butter softens the skin and makes the skin supple thus preventing dry lips, hands, and feet. It helps regenerate skin cells and reduces their degeneration. This butter is used in skincare products...
Ex Tax:₹48.57
Model: Mahua Butter (Illipe)
Ex Tax:₹44.76
Model: Mango Butter Semi refined
Semi-refined mango butter is rich in vitamin A, C, & E, and fatty acids. It widely used in soaps, balms, hair conditioners, creams & lotions, and antiaging creams. It can be used to treat burns and remove scars & stretch marks...
Ex Tax:₹59.05
Model: Sal Butter
Ex Tax:₹40.95
Model: Shea Butter Refined
Refined shea butter has valuable nutrients such vitamin A & E. The butter can be used to treat ailments such as eczema, acne, burns, rashes, and inflamed skin. Regular use of shea butter can help reduce wrinkles and stretch marks...
Ex Tax:₹62.86
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