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Model: Hempseed oil
Ex Tax:₹105.71
Model: Hibiscus Oil
Ex Tax:₹104.76
Model: Jojoba
Jojoba oil has a delicate nutty scent and a silky texture. It is an ideal moisturizer as it mimic sebum, the skin’s natural oil. Jojoba oil can be used as a makeup remover, a facial moisturizer, and a bath oil...
Ex Tax:₹142.86
Model: Macademia oil
Ex Tax:₹131.43
Model: Moringa oil
Moringa oil can be used as a topical cleanser and moisturizer. It has rich antioxidants, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties. Moringa oil helps heal cuts, bruises, and rashes. The oil improves scalp health, fights dandruff, and strengthens the hair...
Ex Tax:₹119.05
Model: Onion oil
Ex Tax:₹159.05
Model: Palm oil
Ex Tax:₹75.24
Model: Pomogranate oil
Ex Tax:₹139.05
Model: Rosehip
Rosehip is the fruit of the rosebush. Rosehip oil contains vitamin A & C, omega 3 & 6, and essential fatty acids.  The oil has antioxidant properties. It regular use can reverse sun damage and reduce wrinkles, acne, and hyperpigmentation...
Ex Tax:₹378.81
Model: Safflower oil
Ex Tax:₹79.05
Model: Sea Buckthorn oil
Ex Tax:₹171.43
Model: Seasame oil
Ex Tax:₹51.43
Model: Shikakai oil
Ex Tax:₹99.05
Model: Sweet Almond oil
Almond carrier oil is a lightweight oil with a strong aroma. It is ideal for aromatherapy. The oil’s moisturizing and easily absorbable properties allows its use in soaps and as a bath and massage oil for treating dry skin and hair...
Ex Tax:₹60.00
Model: Virgin coconut oil
Ex Tax:₹55.24
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