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Marine Mud Powder

Marine Mud Powder
Marine Mud Powder
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Marine Mud Powder
Texture: Powder

Actions: Natural Healing, Cellular Exchange, Detoxifying 


1. Its composition of very fine marine sediments facilitates the penetration of marine ions.
2. The hyperthermia produced by the Marine Mud involves a muscular relaxation together with a well-being sensation.
3. Rich in minerals and trace elements necessary to the metabolism balance.
4. Specially selected algae combination increase of sweating, enhances impurities absorption and confers detoxifying properties

Effects: Relaxing, Detoxifying, Remineralization 

Recommendations for use:

1. Mix the powder with lukewarm water until getting a thick and smooth paste. For body use between150–250gper application
2. 2 doses powder / 1 dose rose water
3. Apply the mud in thick layer with hand or spatula
4. Cover with polyester film and allow to act 15-20 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

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