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Model: Green Aqua Fragrance
Green Aqua opens with a whiff of aqua, melons, and honey dew, with a hint of muguet. Soft scents of vanilla and musk complement the initial fragrances.Uses:  Perfume: 8 to 15% Attar roll-on: 80 to 100% Cosmetics & personal Care – 0.3 to 2%Melt & pour soap: 0.5 to 2%Room Freshener..
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Model: Lotus Fragrance
Lotus has a floral aroma. It is an amalgamation of cyclamens, roses, jasmine, lily, orris, and lotus. It has undertones of wine and berries, which offset the fragrances.Uses:  Perfume: 8 to 15% Cosmetics & personal Care – 0.5 to 3%Melt & pour soap: 0.5 to 3%Room Freshener & d..
Ex Tax:₹63.56
Model: Wild Forest Flower
Wild Forest Flower has a floral and fruity fragrance of roses, violets, jasmines, apples and pineapples and soft notes of patchouli, cedar, and sandalwood to balance out the sweetness.Uses:  Cosmetics & personal Care – 0.5 to 2%Melt & pour soap: 0.5 to 2%Room Freshener & diffu..
Ex Tax:₹50.00
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