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Model: Clove leaf Essential oil
Clove leaf essential oil has antiseptic, anti-neuralgic, carminative, anti-infectious, antispasmodic, and disinfectant properties. It can be used to for the treatment of certain infections as well as for pain relief. It promote skin health by reducing acne, improves oral health, and relieves symptom..
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Model: Coffee Absolute Essential oil
Coffee absolute essential oil is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil improves the skin’s elasticity, reduces age spots, wrinkles, and blemishes. Inhaling this oil prevents infections and soothes respiratory tract. It relieves allergies and reduces stress & anxiety...
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Model: Coriander Essential oil
Coriander essential oil contains vitamin A, C, & K, manganese, potassium, and lutein, among others. It has antispasmodic, depurative, deodorant, and aphrodisiac properties. It reduces pain and spasms, and purifies blood. It improves digestion, stimulates hormones, and cures fungal infections...
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Model: Cubeb Essential oil
Cubeb essential oil has anti-aging, antiseptic, and astringent properties. It reduces pain relief, digestive complaints, dysentery, and respiratory issues.  This calming oil heals cuts and wounds, improves digestion and appetite. The oil cures bloating, infections, congestion, sore throat, and ..
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Model: Cypress oil Essential oil
Cypress essential oil reduce puffiness and discoloration of the skin. It has astringent and antibacterial properties that are beneficial for the skin. It acts as a cleanser and provides a calming effect to the skin. It can also be used as a natural deodorant...
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Model: Eucalyptus oil Essential oil
Eucalyptus essential oil has a cornucopia of benefits. It is a rich source of antispasmodic, and has anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties. It is used for purifying the atmosphere and boosting immunity. It is ideal for aroma therapy, as a massage oil, and as a deodorant...
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Model: Fennel oil Essential oil
Fennel essential oil has aperitif, carminative, laxative, stimulant, and antispasmodic properties. It is used to heal wounds and reduce spasms in the gut. It also relieves gas and constipation, aids weight loss, and improves digestion. It tones and cleanses the skin...
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Model: Frankincense Essential oil
Frankincense essential oil has anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, and anti-tumor properties. It has been found to help in the treatment of certain types of cancers such as pancreatic and breast. The oil is used to treat osteoarthritis, anxiety, ulcers, cough, and indigestion. This mild oil can be used..
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Model: Geranium Indian Essential oil
Geranium Indian essential oil is used to nourish the scalp to promote hair growth. Its use on the skin, helps balance natural oil, thus reducing acne. Its antibacterial properties eliminate body odor, due to which it is used in deodorants...
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Model: Ginger Essential oil
Ginger essential oil helps eliminate bacteria and reduce redness & pimples. Its antioxidant properties protect the skin and reduce signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduces inflammation by removing toxins. Its consumption improves digestion and boosts appetite...
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Model: Gingergrass Essential oil
Gingergrass essential oil has vitamin A, C, E, & K and magnesium. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It relieves respiratory congestion. The oil calms the senses and soothes the nerves. It promotes skin health reducing blackheads, pimples, and boils...
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Model: Grapefruit Essential oil
Grapefruit essential oil is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and bioflavonoids. Its use boosts immunity, energy, and circulation and reduces inflammation, blood pressure, sugar cravings, and hangover symptoms. This oil is used for aromatherapy as a natural stress-fighter, anti-carcinogenic, and anti..
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Model: Honeysuckle Essential oil
Honeysuckle essential oil has anti-diabetic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It relieves chronic pain, improves oral care, hair, and skin, improves oral care, digestion, & mood, and releases stress. It improves blood circulation, removes toxins, and relaxes muscles...
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Model: Jatamasi (Spikenard oil)
Jatamansi (Spikenard oil) essential oil has, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, sedative, and antispasmodic properties. It is used to treat hysteria, convulsions, and epilepsy. The oil improves blood circulations and treats mental disorders. It relieves pain and stress and brightens and clears skin...
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Model: Juniper berry Essential oil
Juniper berry essential oil has numerous skin benefits. It helps combat acne and dermatitis. This essential oil helps reduce water retention, puffiness, balance the oil in the skin, and improves circulation. It is a natural skin toner and reduces blemishes...
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